Customer Management

Manage customers efficiency – focus on adding value to your business.

CTRL has been designed to streamline the process of managing customer enquires and enable a faster, smoother workflow for you and your support team.

An integrated, rapid-response ticketing system helps your staff see outstanding support needs highlighted in real-time. Tickets can be raised at property or end-user level so you can prioritise issues and launch the help needed faster.

Our Customer Care portal is a fully-branded microsite that empowers subscribers to login and pay their bill, upgrade their service or amend specific details themselves. These removes an additional burden on your in-house service team and enables you and your staff to focus on more value-adding activities within the business.

For your service team, the CTRL portal acts as a 24/7 help desk support tool. Due to it’s cloud nature, staff can log into the portal from anywhere, at anytime, and monitor newly generated support tickets or checkup on active troubleshooting. With an integrated email API, they can communicate with customers directly from the software to save time and keep an ongoing record of communication with the customer.

CTRL’s automatic billing, invoicing and seamless payment processing functionality also makes managing recurring tasks a breeze. CTRL’s smooth navigation and clear interface makes it a platform your entire team will enjoy using, driving efficiency from your workforce.
  • Fast and clear interface navigation for a seamless user experience

  • Rapid response and prioritisation enabled ticketing system for customer queries

  • Customer care portal – empower customers to solve billing queries and update details themselves

  • In-portal email communication with customers for record keeping and issue resolution

  • Automatic billing, payment and invoicing function to remove time-intensive tasks on your staff

CTRL is the smarter, faster way to manage your customers and provide your service team with a truly enjoyable platform to do it on.

Call or email us for a free trial or demo – and take CTRL over your customer management today.

CTRL is the fast, secure and cost effective software solution that delivers powerful customer management and billing functionality for ISPs and Multi Service Operators (MSOs). Designed by network architects for operations managers.