Billing & Payment Processing

Empower your subscribers – unburden your support team.

CTRL’s flexible billing and payment processing features will revolutionise the way you manage your subscriber base – providing efficiency gains and improving security.

With the custom control centre, you can rollout tiered pricing at property level or customised for individual subscribers. This offers you flexibility with your pricing models, as you can trial price changes and offer promotions to build customer loyalty, reduce churn and attract new customer segments.

The CTRL system also supports scheduled invoicing.  The software will automatically generate and post or email invoices to customers each month for you.

Our Customer Care feature serves to unburden your customer service team. Subscribers can log into their own profile within CTRL (moderated with your own company branding) and pay their bill themselves and even upgrade the level of service and packages they currently receive. A supremely beneficial feature that removes maintenance tasks for your customer service team and allows you to focus on more value-adding business processes.

With CTRL you can process payments in real-time, with our fully-integrated 3rd party interface. Our integration makes it easier and faster for subscribers to pay with a method of their choice – either by phone, instantly through the website itself or on an automatic schedule. All delivered in a fully PA-DSS compliant infrastructure.

As you would expect, CTRL’s billing and payment processing capabilities are supported by enterprise-class security protocols and all customer payment data is secured in encrypted format. Managing your billing and payment processing through CTRL gives you peace of mind that your customer data is safe and insured.
  • Offer flexible payment options to attract new customers
  • Utilise automated, pre or post-pay subscription models
  • Trial different pricing brackets by property or at subscriber level
  • Launch special promotions, change pricing tiers or issue refunds instantly
  • Automatic digital or postal invoicing
  • Customer self-care portal for making payments and service upgrades – removes burden on your customer service team
  • Enterprise-class integrated payment gateway with tier-1 security
  • Risk mitigation with PA-DSS compliant encryption
CTRL is the more efficient and secure way to manage the billing and payment processing functions of your internet and multi-service delivery service. Through our cloud-platform you can keep an eye over your entire environment at a fraction of the cost of a traditional network management solution.

Call or email us for a free trial or demo – and take CTRL of your billing and payment processing today.

CTRL is the fast, secure and cost effective software solution that delivers powerful customer management and billing functionality for ISPs and Multi Service Operators (MSOs). Designed by network architects for operations managers.